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Certified Japanese Translation Services: A guarantee, a methodology & a dose of common sense

How does this certified translation services in Japan, Tokyo ensure the level of accuracy in Japanese translation that global corporations and individuals alike have come to rely on?

The answer is pretty simply.

(Of course, like all things done properly, implementation is more difficult and complex!)

Here’s the reason why the Translation Services Japan Company is able to provide you with a Complete Satisfaction or 100% Money Back Guarantee:

  • Japanese Human Translation Service
  • Quality Driven Solutions
  • Support Service – Post Delivery
  • Confidentiality and Security
  • Personalized Customer Service
  • Competitive Rates

Most of these points are self explanatory; however, I would like to expand on Quality Driven Solutions to illustrate the essence of proper implementation.

Implementing quality Japanese English translation is a 2 step tango. First, the proper translation methodology must be set up. There’s only one methodology that produces high quality Japanese translation, and that is the TEP (Translation, Editing, Proofing) methodology. As you may have gathered, TEP is a system of checks & balances by different language professionals to ensure errors are eliminated throughout the whole translation process. Second, the right professional translators must be assigned to the right translation job. That is, even with the right translation methodology in place, Japanese translators with the wrong skill set for that job will not be able to deliver high quality Japanese translation.

And, a dose of common sense is in order! Recently, the company refused to accept a (rather large & potentially lucrative) English Japanese translation job from overseas. The reason is because the turn-around requirement was a mere 2 hours for full length articles. The question that needed to be asked was:

How do you deliver high quality translation that requires a full translation cycle (TEP – Translation, Editing, Proofing) in such an unreasonable amount of time?

The short answer is… you don’t.

In translation, accuracy = quality. Is your Certified Japanese Translation Services able to guarantee the quality of their certified translation? Contact a professional Japanese translation company that uses the right methodology and right professional translators on your personal legal documents!